Directions for Small Crocheted Flowers

Directions for Small Crocheted Flowers

Crochet for various purposes, such as tool bags, hats, scarves are, jewelry made fiber used. Like all art, requires patience and practice. Many of the physical work, crochet, as a practical way to relieve stress. Crochet thread instead of wire leads to smaller flowers on the project, and can also work in the jewelry industry. Crochet flower essential elements of information needed to complete.



  • 1 Knot the end of the color chosen for the flowers. Marriage is a piece of the whole hook. Seven-point-chain chain and hooks. Take the hook and push it around the first point. Slipstitch to do so, and a ring of points. 
  • 2 Begins to bloom everywhere, and then begins to look more like a flower. String, and then do slipstitch on pole. Chain of five forms an arc, not the second string to take, then drag the endpoint of the third point of the circuit. Repeat the loop form a total of seven point five arches. Put a check mark in the first arc. 
  • 3 Flowers begin to take shape. Be the first to slipstitch arc. Half double crochet in five points of the arc. Repeated for all other arcs. These points are an average of two points resulting flakes. Move the marker to point petal thumb. 
  • 4 By adding the second row are blooming again. Compute the first point after the first petal. Chain of six and then to only one location flakes. Play a few flowers to create a second row of petals. 
  • 5 Get rid of the flower. Flower Set aside for later use.


  • 1 Node at the end of the hook wire color of the selected sheet. Set the hook knot. Only 16 points in the chain loop. 
  • 2 Pull the hook and the hook again only one point in the second stage of the process, from the hook. Add half a point more over the next two screens. A small chain of four points. 
  • 3 Add three points to turn the last chain of the crochet needle direction. Repeat step 2 on the opposite side. The film revolves and accessories. 
  • 4 Place the leaves under the blossom in the desired position. If the blade is in force, sewing, flower petals. Use the color of the needle and thread.
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